Student Blog - Eric Adame

My name is Eric Adame a third-year architecture major born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. For this semester I am in Jason Griffiths’ Making and Living studio studying the “Dame” of Midwestern architecture. This year I get to represent the third-year architecture class on the COA Student Advisory Board and will be a returning member of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) student group at UNL. This semester I will try to keep a blog of my weekly studio life to give insight on what life as a student is like so stay tuned into my student blog.

First off I would love to share a little about myself to everyone. As a student, I find it important to strike a balance between family/friends and studio life. Finding that time for yourself is a must. When I'm not in studio I love to ride bikes so you may see me riding around town. Plus, I have a passion for food that some say borders on obsession, but I think food and architecture have a lot in common. Cooking takes practice and will call for much attention and detail to produce tasty results, in architecture one must spend countless hours iterating, discussing and presenting work in order to achieve the results we want. It all just takes practice. Those are just some things I enjoy doing in my free time.

Oct. 29

Sorry for the late post but I didn’t not want to miss talking to everyone about the amazing opportunity I had to attend the NOMA Conference in Chicago last week. Traveling with me were Diane Nguyen, Ezra Young and Christian Pierrottet. For being the youngest one on the trip, I would say they treated me pretty well. At the conference we got the chance to meet a lot of new people from different chapters and network with multiple students and practicing architects who are doing work all around the world. Throughout the day we would go to seminars and get the chance to tour the firms hosting the presentation. We got to learn, we got to network and we even managed to give back in a community redevelopment project in the south side of Chicago all in all, NOMA’s “Unbounded” conference was a great experience.

Now to talk a little bit about this week, our studio has started working on our final project of the semester designing a phalanstery and collaborative cabin at Cedar Point Biological Center in Ogallala, Nebraska. We have been studying and trying to understand the elevations of our site so that we can start to program in relation to the site we are working on. Registrations have begun and it’s exciting to know that a new semester is coming but also scary to think about how much time we actually have left in this semester. Nevertheless it has been a great week, hope everyone else had a good week too.

Oct. 16

Fall break has started and our studio has taken advantage of the days off school by going on our studio trip. Last week we wrapped up our “Plied” House, a collaborative studio project studying compressed living units with an emphasis on CLT. We have been working at a larger scale than usual studio models and will continue that scale on our next project. Before we get started on the last project of the semester we get the chance to travel a bit, a privilege that architect students get primarily in our 3rd year of studies. Traveling as a studio exposes one to different architecture around the country and allows us to learn thru a visual experience.

For our trip we will be headed up to Wisconsin stopping at the Amana Colonies in Iowa to study communal way of living and continue north to Taliesin, home and school of Frank Lloyd wright. My studio will also be going down to Chicago for a quick stop before headed back home to Nebraska. I on the other hand will be extending my fall break and stay in Chicago for the 85th Annual NOMA Conference. By staying at this conference I hope to learn plenty of new ways to better myself as a member/leader at our own NOMA organization on campus! All in all it’s going to be a pretty busy week but a good one filled with lots of architecture and food. Hope you all have a good and safe week. Here are some pictures of our final projects from last week.

Oct. 2

Another week has started here at the college, and our studio continues to work on building our “Plied” house. For this project each of us had to go buy the same grade sheet of plywood and design a space to be joined into one cohesive model. We have been working through the weekend to get our pieces laid out onto the sheet in order to get the pieces cut out and assembled during the week. This semester I have spent a lot of time learning different ways of using the tools we have down in the shop and learning the constraints we have when dealing with wood. The hands on experience with wood in the shop compliments the digital modeling and makes studio more exciting for me.

Two things I will be looking forward to this week include NOMA’s snack sale and this month’s First Friday Art Walk. Going to different events around the college will not only be exciting but is also a great way to expand your network so make sure to get active and visit different events that interest you!! Have a good week.

Sept. 24

Last week in studio we fabricated a small scale cross laminated structure and assembled it in the Architecture Hall Link and outside east of the building. Check out this time lapse we created:

This week in studio we will be working as individuals in designing a home into a more compressed space and coming together as a collective whole to form a series of living units. For Architecture History and Theory, we have both of our papers at least 50% done due on Thursday for peer review, so I’ll be working on that as well. One event I am excited about is NOMA’s Movie night this Thursday and everyone is invited to come, we will be watching and discussing “I Am Not Your Negro” written by James Baldwin. Here’s to a good week!!