Student Blog - By Madeline McGill

Hello everyone! My name is Madeline McGill and I am a second year landscape architecture major from Lee’s Summit Missouri, just outside of Kansas City.

I decided to go into landscape architecture because I loved making art and drawing, but I also am very passionate about the environment. Designing with the environment in mind is something that really has always stuck with me, and I’m loving landscape architecture so far! I also am very passionate about our National Parks and have a goal to visit all of them.
I enjoy hiking, dogs and travelling. I serve as the Worthy Clerk for Alpha Rho Chi and as the Secretary for the UNL student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Nov. 20

Last week I traveled to the Homestead National Monument so that I could be a part of an exciting meeting that relates to my UCARE research work. UCARE is such a great opportunity that I love to be a part of, including going to exciting meetings like this one! The meeting was for the potential implementation of a new National Heritage Area in Nebraska. I got to present my research, which was finding the themes, mission and overall structure of nearby, similar National Heritage Areas. This was really exciting for me especially because I am so passionate about the National Park Service, and it really shows the scale and scope of what landscape architects can work with.

Oct 30

Last Monday in studio was our critique day! It felt good to present our designs for our gardens. My design consisted of a very large canopy structure that casted different shadows onto the ground through different densities and framed the sky above through circular rafters. I definitely got frustrated with my design, as I normally do, and at times wished I picked a simpler, easier route through the project. But when all was said and done, I was pretty happy with how it turned out! It feels so good after a critique when you can look back at all you’ve done and enjoy a little bit more sleep that night too!

Also, we’ve made design Instagram pages too, so be sure to follow mine @mcgillslandscapes! I’ll try to post my process and final designs there. It’s a very good idea to have a separate space on Instagram for design, so both you and other designers can see what everyone is doing!

Oct 2

Last Thursday our studio went on a factory tour to Yankee Hill Brick here in Lincoln. It was very interesting to see a factory make a material that is commonly used as pavers in landscape design, and what it takes to make a brick paver. We got to watch some of the robots move the bricks to their next destination and walk next to the kiln where they fire the bricks, which was very toasty!

In studio we are currently iterating designs for our garden landscape. I am studying a canopy system that filters light on the ground below and have made a few study models this week focusing on that. It’s very interesting to see how everyone is transforming their garden landscape in totally different ways. I’m very excited to see how we all move towards a final design!

Sept. 24th

This week in studio has been very fun. We are currently doing a lot of compositional analysis on a Richard Diebenkorn painting; finding the structure, proportion, emphasis and color scheme of the painting. We took what we saw in these paintings and made them into different abstraction models to find different movements that we see in these paintings. This week we will be moving towards making these abstraction elements into a landscape. So catch me next week to see how my studio and I make these landscapes!