Studio Cleanup

We do appreciate your assistance in helping facilitate the cleaning of the studios BEFORE you leave for break. As you know, during the winter break, the studio spaces will be cleaned by the custodial staff in preparation for the spring semester. Students are required to assist in the effort by cleaning their studio space before they leave studio for winter break – by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th.

All students are required to take all personal materials home over the winter break.

1) No items may be left or stored in studio over the break. 2) Your studio should be completely cleaned before leaving for break - by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th at the latest. 3) Please be sure to carry large items that students do not want to the trash!

The only exception to this rule will be for the THESIS students. Thesis students may keep their materials in studio over the break – all items must be removed from the floor and stacked neatly on their desks to allow the custodians to clean the space.

If you have questions about this, please do feel free to reach out to Stephanie.