Tim Hemsath

Tim Hemsath

Tim Hemsath

Associate Professor of Architecture

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M.Arch, University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2001

BSAS, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1999

Tim is passionate about designing architecture for a sustainable built environment. As an Associate Professor in the College of Architecture, he has over 15 years of combined industry and educational experience in design, construction, and research in energy efficiency and sustainable design. His work includes establishing the Center for Urban Sustainability at the University of Nebraska-Omaha as its founding Research Fellow. He is a member of the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance and leads the Nebraska Flatwater Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. He was the design architect for the ZNETH and ZNETH II energy-efficient prototypes working with the College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and research PI for the Nebraska Research Initiative-funded project to develop research capacity surrounding zero-net energy research at the University of Nebraska.

Areas of Interest

Intersection of Digital Technology with the Built Environment

Building Information Modeling – Energy Modeling & Energy Efficient Architecture

Publications and Conferences (selected)

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Hemsath, Timothy L., Anna Walburn, Andrew Jameton, and Matthew Gulsvig. 2012. “A Review of Possible Health Concerns Associated with Zero Net Energy Homes.” Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, January. doi:10.1007/s10901-011-9260-7.

Hemsath, Timothy L., James D. Goedert, Avery D Schwer, and Yong K Cho. 2008. “Zero Net Energy Test House.” Journal of Green Building 6 (2): 36–48.