Affordable/Attainable Housing

Affordable/attainable housing is a design and planning-research initiative and interdisciplinary focus area within the College of Architecture. Through collaborations with various non-profit entities, our courses, studios and research efforts aim to combat the issues that plague affordable/attainable housing in Nebraska and beyond.

Our studios and planning courses explore creative housing and neighborhood planning solutions to assist with this ongoing crisis.

Our studios collaborate with community partners who give insight into the issues affecting the populations we hope to help with planning and design solutions that reimagine the possibilities, partners such as Habitat for Humanity, Hoppe Homes, inCOMMON Community Development, Omaha Economic Development Corporation, NeighborWorks, South of Downtown Community Development Organization, the Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department, the City of Lincoln Urban Development Department and the Northern Ponca Housing Authority to name a few.

Every community is different and our students are conditioned to research, analyze and find the most appropriate solutions for the situation and community they serve. Whether they are creating designs that focus on improved efficiency, cost effective materiality, increased living density or shared living spaces, our students know not one concept works for all circumstances. But it is the journey of exploration and the sharing of ideas that is the catalyst of real change.