PAC Prize Submission Form & Rules


Submissions for this form are closed.

College of Architecture The PAC College of Architecture Prize

Deadline is Monday (noon) of Spring semester dead week!


● Celebrates the excellence that emerges from a collaborative process.

● Winning team receives award and $2,500


● Collaborative projects consisting of two or more students with at least one student from the College of Architecture programs (undergraduate, graduate or professional programs). ● The project must emerge from curricular or College work, excluding professional work and work from an internship.

● The work must have been completed during the year beginning and ending in May (Summer, Fall, Spring).

Submission Criteria

● PDF format (limited to 20mb) accompanied by a 500 word description of the project highlighting how collaboration contributed to a quality project.

● Selection is based on the best quality of work.

● Fill out form below.

Selection Process:

● Faculty selection committee consisting of one faculty from each discipline in the College (dean acts as tie-breaker if needed)

● First stage - From the submissions, faculty committee select three to five finalists Second stage - Finalists present projects to PAC executive committee members

● Schedule based on an Academic Year -

○ Students submit by Monday (noon) of Spring semester dead week. Shortlist developed by Friday of dead week. Shortlisted projects presented to PAC Executive Committee during Finals week.

○ PAC executive committee selects winner during finals week.

○ Awarded during the CoA graduation ceremony