Computer and Software

Computer and Software

The College of Architecture Computer Policy

General Information

All students in the College of Architecture’s Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design programs are required to lease, purchase or have ready access to a laptop computer that meets or exceeds the specifications listed below in the Computer and Software Requirements document. Students can choose between a PC or Mac platform. This notebook computer is an integral tool in architectural education.

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Please note that the computer required for the program is a business class workstation. In many cases notebooks 'off the shelf' will not meet the requirements. Students who custom order a machine can experience waits of up to six weeks before delivery. All students are expected to have their computer on or before September 1.

AUTODESK SOFTWARE: For the academic year the College of Architecture will continue membership in Autodesk's Student Software Program. All Autodesk software titles are available for free download with a 13-month (some 36-month) educational license via the Autodesk Education Community website. Students may register and participate in this program.

Students can obtain their Autodesk software from the Autodesk Education Community website:

NOTE: As of mid-June 2013 Adobe has begun to change its software titles. Boxed versions of the CS 6 packages may become hard to find as we near the start of the fall semester. The College requires students to purchase the Adobe CS6 Design Premium edition but students may prefer the C56 Masters Addition. Adobe is replacing CS 6 product line with a subscription based title called the Adobe Creative Cloud. This title is the equivalent of the CS 6 Master Edition, and will meet the software requirements. Students may purchase Adobe CC subscriptions via the Adobe Online Educational Store.

The following files contain specific computer requirement specifications and additional software information :

Computer Policy and Software Requirements - Revised 26 July 2017

Software Help Sheet: Revised 19 May 2017

Autodesk Student Download Instructions Revised 7 January 2016

Printer Help Sheet- Revised 30 August 2016

Misc. Computer and Printer Resources

The College of Architecture prohibits the use of pirated software. Students are expected to certify that all software on their computer is legitimate to have access to the network. Students may be asked to present proof of software ownership. Students who have pirated software on their computers will not be serviced and can be reported to student judicial affairs.