Anthony Morey

Hyde Chair of Excellence in Architecture for the spring semester of 2017

Anthony Morey is a Los Angeles based theorist, designer, curator. His interests reside in speculative research and architectural projects. His work is invested in writing and research in relation to the tensions between text, psychology and image. Instruments of investigation arise across multiple mediums such as art, literature, architecture and the sciences to produce a lavish palette of ongoing explorations of the philosophical, historical and aesthetical attitudes as tools for lush exploitations, disruptions and pure amusement.

Through his research studio YnotWorkshop and partnership in the architectural Office INmo, Anthony has been able to investigate and bring to life various pursuits in the creative discipline through such mediums as exhibitions, installations and writings. Anthony is a co-founder of One Night Stand LA, an ongoing curation experiment in cultural representation along with its journal, Morning After. He is also a co-founder of MASKS the Journal, a publication founded while at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design that particularly focuses on the rifts between the subconscious and conscious tensions in the creative arts and the various tangencies within them.

He has taught at Southern California Institute of Architecture and Harvard Graduate School of Design along with being a visiting critic at Pratt, Woodbury, Cal Poly, and University of Miami. His work has been shown in various cities such as Paris, New York, Boston, Miami and Los Angeles; and his writings widely published. Anthony obtained his undergraduate degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) with Distinction, and his Masters in History and Philosophy of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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