Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are central to our mission and pursuit of excellence here at the College of Architecture. Each person has something to gain from and offer to our community of learning, discovery and outreach. Our aim is to foster an inclusive culture with diverse perspectives united by the transformative power of planning and design. All are welcome here.

Student Spotlight

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Jeremiah Brown has been the creative type for as long as he can remember. “I’ve always loved to draw,” Brown said. “But it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I got interested in buildings.” A Kansas City native, Brown grew up in apartments his entire life, which fueled his fascination with houses in particular. When he heard that his high school, Park Hill, was offering an architectural design class, he jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the field.

“I was like, ‘I’m gonna actually try and expand my knowledge in it,’” he said. “I took that class and loved it — just the spectrum and knowledge encompassed in that class was really fun. So, I said, ‘I think this is something I really want my life’s journey and goal to be — to be an architect.” The next step was choosing a college. While attending a college convention during his senior year, he noticed a University of Nebraska–Lincoln recruiting booth. A wrestler in high school, Brown decided to follow in the footsteps of someone he admired who had gone to Nebraska.

“I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s where my favorite wrestler went, so I’m going to go talk to them,’” he said. “I was talking to two guys (who) were actual wrestlers too on the team. It was just a coincidence.”

One of them mentioned Nebraska’s College of Architecture. It seemed like fate to Brown.

Full story can be found here: https://go.unl.edu/o4wy

Alumni Spotlight

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The College of Architecture is pleased to announce Charyl F. McAfee-Duncan, FAIA has been selected as this year’s Alumni Master. Charyl is a licensed architect and president and principal of the Dallas office of McAfee3 Architecture and Design. She is the first African American woman fellow of the American Institute of Architects in Dallas and the second in Texas, serving on various Dallas AIA committees.

She has led significant projects in the areas of college campus facilities, recreational facilities, transportation and healthcare.

Charyl received her undergraduate degree in architecture studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Texas in Austin. She is an advocate for women in architecture and is an activist encouraging young girls to be enthusiastic about choosing careers in the design professions.

As part of UNL Alumni Master’s week, Charyl will be visiting various studios this Thursday and Friday. Please help us congratulate Charyl on this great honor and make her feel welcome if you visit with her this week or see her passing in the building.


Ways To Get Involved

Nebraska Community of Learners — Understanding Diversity 

A community of learners dedicated to understanding diversity through education. The series of virtual conversations are intended to help students, faculty, staff, alum and the greater community understand and embrace the opportunities we have to create a greater sense of inclusion for all. #NCLUDE is a space to talk candidly about inclusive excellence being a part of our everyday interactions.

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Student Organizations

Get involved! It’s a great way to make your college years not only successful but memorable and meaningful. Check out several of our college of Architecture student organizations with a focus on diversity and inclusion. 

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Hyde Lecture Series —Understanding Diversity through Education

The 20/2021 CoA Hyde Lecture series featured speakers from across disciplines that were united under the common theme of “Building Justice- Design and Planning for a Just Society.”

Our professions have long excluded people of color and under-served groups in both process and outcomes. To confront it, the 20-21 Hyde Lecture Series brings lecturers who believe that design and planning should be explicitly engaged with fostering a just society. Doing so is an act of hope requiring, not only, an awareness of true inequity, but also a compulsion to refute it in its many forms. See the whole season's recorded lectures below.

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University Diversity and Inclusion Resources