Hyde Chair of Excellence

The Hyde Chair of Excellence visiting faculty position honors the College’s collaborative spirit and genuine interest in student learning and the pursuit of academic success.

Established in 1986, the Hyde Chair of Excellence allows the College of Architecture to attract visiting faculty of national and international distinction. The Hyde Chair of Excellence position is available to designers, architects, and educators from a variety of backgrounds with outstanding and unique credentials. The visiting Hyde Chair attracts emerging voices in design from both practice and teaching. Through this endowment, renowned scholars and practitioners are invited to spend a semester or more in residence at the College directing a design studio, conducting a

graduate level seminar, and presenting a public lecture. The Hyde Chair also participates in various College activities and events, including studio reviews, and contributes to the general academic and design-research culture of the College. The Hyde Chair of Excellence was made possible by the generosity of Mrs. Flora Hyde in honor of the memory of her late husband, A. Leicester Hyde. Mr. Hyde was a 1925 graduate of Architecture and Engineering.


Hyde Chairs

Nicole McIntosh and Jonathan Louie- 2023/2024

Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski - Spring 2019

- Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski - 2017/2018

Anthony Morey - 2017

Cristina Murphy - 2016

- Stewart Hicks - 2016

- Jason Griffiths - 2015

- Robert Trempe -2014

- Sandra Pinel

- Daniel Fagerberg

- Gina Ford

- Alan Berger

- Ulf Meyer

- Brian Andrews

- Chris Abel

- Doug Jackson

- Paul Preissner

- Johan Granberg

- Martin Hogue

- Julian Bonder

- Diane Lewis

- Jeffrey L. Day

- Hank Hildebrandt

- William Carpenter

- Dan Pitera

- Ron Shiffman

- Kenneth Reardon

- Teresa Cordova

- Robert Bullard

- Javier Navarro

- Susan Sanders

- Jane Malkin

- Mark Mack

- Roger Schluntz

- Jim Jennings

- Lawrence Susskind

- Bruce Stiftel

- James Richardson

- John Forester

- Shirley Blumberg

- William Turnbull

- Alan H. Colquhoun

- Anthony Ames

- Philip Thiel

- Michael Sorkin

- David Gosling

- Ivor Richards

- Bruce Graham

- Robert Barbach

- Robert Evans

- Terry Rankine

- Charles Redmon

- Tom Wang

- Rick Lamb

- Larry Young

- Ken DeMay

- Tsukasa Yamashita

- David Lewis

- Tobias Faber

- Ralph Rapson

- Wolff Prix

- Christine Hawley

- Peter Cook

- Joseph Esherick

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