Minor in Architectural Studies

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The Architectural Studies minor provides an introduction to architecture through required courses in the history and theory of architecture and a range of elective courses in environmental and cultural factors, building technology, and related fields that shape the built environment.

Why should I minor in Architectural Studies

1. Learn about architecture, architectural history and theory, and urban design through non-studio based courses.

2. Prepare for future graduate / professional studies in architecture or related fields. It is possible to achieve advanced standing in a professional architecture program such as our 3-Year M.ARCH by taking minor courses.

3. Fulfill ACE requirements. Many of the courses below are ACE options. ACE courses enhance the undergraduate experience by providing broad exposure to multiple disciplines. Adding a minor to your degree enhances your resume by adding a concentration of courses to your skill set!

The minor is open to all UNL students. Students should declare the minor with their academic advisor/home college.  The minor must be declared before attempting to enroll in the courses listed below. If you have any questions, contact Stephanie Kuenning, our Student Success coordinator.

Please pay special attention to all prerequisite requirements before attempting to enroll in elective courses. All prerequisites are detailed in the UNL Bulletin and the course links below. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses intended to count towards the minor.


DSGN 140 History of Design (ACE 5) - 3 credits

ARCH 241 Architecture History & Theory II (ACE 7) - 3 credits

ARCH 240 Architecture History & Theory I (ACE 5) - 3 credits


(Two must be 300 level or above; only one non-ARCH course allowed – specifically applies to CRPL 400, LARC 241 and IDES 445.)

ARCH 107 Sustainability Basics (ACE 8) - 3 credits

ARCH 341 Architectural Theory - 3 credits

ARCH 461 Urbanism - 3 credits

ARCH 489 Design Research - 3 credits

ARCH 231 Structural Fundamentals - 3 credits

ARCH 331 Structural Mechanics - 3 credits

ARCH 332 Structural Optimization - 3 credits

ARCH 333 Building Environmental Technical Systems I - 3 credits

CRP 400 Introduction to Planning - 3 credits

LARC 241 History of Landscape Architecture - 3 credits

IDES 445 History of Interiors and Designed Objects (ACE 5, 7) - 3 credits

Total Credits Required for Minor = 18

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