David Newton

David Newton

David Newton

Assistant Professor of Architecture

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M.Sc. Computer Science, McGill University, 2018 (expected conferral date) 

M.Arch, Rice University, 2006

B.S.Arch, Arizona State University, 2001

Professor Newton is educated in the fields of architecture and computer science. This background informs a research and teaching agenda that is cross-disciplinary in nature, and enables research of issues that straddle both disciplines and might otherwise be inaccessible to the field of architecture.

Professor Newton’s work on computation and architectural design has been published by AD Magazine, the Architectural Association (AA), Rice University, Actar, and Routledge. Professor Newton has been the invited speaker on computation and architecture at multiple institutions, including the University of British Columbia, Université du Québec à Montréal, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, McGill University, and the University of Minnesota.

Prior to joining the UNL in 2017, Professor Newton taught at McGill University, Arizona State University, and the University of Minnesota. His teaching focusses on the application of digital design and fabrication technologies to architectural design. He has held leadership positions in multiple academic institutions related to the development of curricula related to technology and design.

Areas of Interest

Professor Newton’s research agenda explores the application of artificial intelligence frameworks to the field of architecture. The research aims to contribute knowledge and develop technologies that will make for a more environmentally and socially sustainable built environment.
Research areas include:
• The development of next generation computer-aided design tools. Specifically, the development of novel digital design tools that address multi-objective optimization in architectural design.
• The application of machine learning to the development of smart environments.
• The development of autonomous digital fabrication processes.


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