Computer Lab

The computer facility in the College of Architecture is used by students and faculty for education, research, and public service activities. The facility includes graphics and printer terminals, as well as numerous computers.

Digital technologies are ubiquitous to contemporary the design and planning processes and practices. As such, digital technologies have been a priority of the college for many years.

Student Hardware – Computer Labs:

The college maintains two computer labs in Architecture Hall. The labs are used for both instructional purposes and available for individual student use. The labs are accessible from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week via the university’s N-Card secure key system.   All workstation computers in the labs are equipped with dual monitors or dual monitor capability. All computer workstations are equipped with the primary software used in all of the programs within the college.

Scanning workstations are located in the labs and can be used by students for general use.

 The College of Architecture offers a number of courses in computer applications for design and planning.

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