Architectural Rendering

The Master of Architecture/Master of Business Administration dual degree program is offered in collaboration with the UNL Architecture Program. This program enables completion of both the MBA degree and the Master of Architecture degree within a duration of three years of full-time study. This program is intended for persons who hold the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (BSAS) degree or equivalent undergraduate degree.

This dual degree program is based upon the strength of interrelationships between the professions of architecture and business administration. In recognizing the reality of these continually expanding interdisciplinary professional responsibilities and opportunities, this dual degree program provides a means of completing requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Architecture (MArch) degrees in a three-year sequence. Individually they are each two-year programs.

The MArch/MBA Dual Degree Program requirements are:

  • Completion of UNL Bachelor of Science in Design or equivalent degree program.
  • Satisfaction of all entrance requirements for each of the two master's degree programs.

Participants in the MArch/MBA Dual Degree Program may pursue either of the following two tracks:

  • Master's thesis track
  • Professional project/design studio track

Download the program flowchart.

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