Minor in Landscape Architecture

The landscape architecture minor is administered through the College of Architecture’s landscape architecture program. The minor in landscape architecture is designed to provide a basic understanding of the nature of the profession of landscape architecture. Knowledge of landscape architecture history, theory, and context provides a useful addition to a student in any of the University disciplines.

The minor is open to all UNL students. Entrance to the minor is by application, grade review,and permission of the program director, Kim L. Wilson. Contact Leslie Gonzalez, admissions coordinator, for the application.

Required Courses 18

DSGN 110 Design Thinking  3

CRPL 400 Introduction to Planning  3

LARC 200 Landscape & Environmental Appreciation (GEOG 200/HORT 200)  3

LARC 241 History of Landscape Architecture  3

LARC 461 Urbanism (ARCH 461)  3

LARC 497 Selected Topics in Landscape Architecture  3

Contact Info

College of Architecture
210 Architecture Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0106
( On-campus, 2-9233 )