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The common core of courses shared by students in the College of Architecture (interior design, architecture, landscape architecture) provides students with an understanding of the design and fabrication process at a range of scales.

The minor in product design provides an opportunity to explore design at a smaller, yet related scale. It allows students to develop academic strengths that will prepare them for advanced study and careers in the design of objects that people interact with on a personal level, of a size and function related to human dimensions. This includes furniture and a variety of manufactured objects. The minor is available to students in interior design, architecture, landscape architecture, and art.

Requirements for the Minor (18 credits)

A minimum of 12 hours of course work to include the following:

GRPH 221 Graphic Design I, 3

IDES 301 Material Applications, 3

IDES 417 Product Design, 3

ARCH 497 Selected Topics in Architecture: The Precix 3-Axis Router, 1

ARCH 497 Selected Topics in Architecture: Plastics, 1

ARCH 497 Selected Topics in Architecture: Metals Fabrication, 1

6 credits of additional course work to be selected from:

ARCH 418 Fabrication & Construction Team, 1-6

ARCH 516 Modern Craft, 3

ARCH 526 Digital Fabrication, 3

IDES 482 Advanced Color Theory, 3

IDES 484 Material Culture: The Social Life of Things, 3

IDES 491 Selected Topics in Interior Design: Branding,  3

IDES 421 Environmental Graphic Design, 3

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