Peer Mentors & Student Ambassadors

Peer Mentors & Student Ambassadors

New Freshmen and Upperclass students in the CoA have the ability to influence each other in very positive ways through our peer mentor and ambassador programs. For more information about Peer Mentors and Student Ambassador opportunities, please contact Leslie Gonzalez.

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Peer Mentors

The College of Architecture provides first-year students with a peer mentor in their declared program. Peer mentors are students who are in the third year or higher of their degree program. Mentors assist first year students in their transition to the College of Architecture by sharing their experiences and advice.


For consideration, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  1. Minimum 3.0 GPA
  2. Must be in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th year of program.
  3. Must have knowledge of the major and college.
  4. Must have strong interpersonal skills, positive attitude, self-motivation

Peer mentors will receive $360 for the academic year.

  1. Peer mentors must contact/interact with assigned mentees at least every other week.
  2. Peer mentors must meet with their entire group of mentees at least twice during the semester.
  3. Peer mentors must be familiar with campus resources in order to assist students.
  4. Peer mentors will encourage student participation in University wide Mid-Semester Check and priority registration
  5. Peer mentors will serve as ambassadors to prospective students
    • Providing college tours during campus visits
    • Assisting with recruiting events. Ex. Big Red Road Show, Architecture Open House, etc…

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Student Ambassadors

The College of Architecture utilizes student ambassadors to assist in the recruitment of new students. Student ambassadors volunteer to assist the Admissions Coordinator and the Program Directors in a variety of recruitment activities and/or events. Some of these events include the College of Architecture Open House, campus visit tours of the College, UNL Red Letter Day information fairs, and more.

  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Good work ethic to perform assigned tasks
  • Willingness to develop or improve public speaking skills
  • Ability to start conversations with prospective students
  • Genuine desire to help the College of Architecture remain a successful institution
  • Desire to meet future students
  • Positively represent the student body and college
  • Positively reinforce College policies
  • Act as an ambassador to prospective students at events (College Visits, Red Letter Days, Big Red Road Show…)
  • Provide quality customer service to prospective students and their parents through college tours
  • Answer questions prospective students and parents may have about academic programs, student activities and campus life at UNL and/or the College of Architecture
  • Assist in the recruitment of future Student Ambassadors
  • Train new Student Ambassadors how to give a tour of the College of Architecture
  • Gain a greater understanding of the College of Architecture
  • Sharpen communication and public speaking skills
  • Improve interpersonal and conversational skills
  • Enhance confidence when speaking and interacting

Contact Info

College of Architecture
210 Architecture Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0106
( On-campus, 2-9233 )