M.Arch Design Research Studios

Our M. Arch Design Research Studios provide students the ability to address advanced disciplinary topics ranging from mega-cities, design/build, representational theory and authorship and sustainable urbanism. Take a glimpse at what our studios are up to.

ARCH 510/610 Studio - The WaTeRs Facility

Students featured: Hannah Christy and Craig Findlay; William Cox and DuMaji

ARCH 510/610 Studio - Junior Achievement

Students featured: Bahrun Baranuri, Joseph Synek, Andres Villegas

ARCH 510/610 Studio - FACT 16

Students featured: Ashley Glesinger, Robert Grebl, Noah Schacher, Connor Swearingen, Justin DeFields, Maren Elnes, Craig Findlay, Robert Grebl Seth Hadenfeldt, Qingyuan Han, Andrew Hicks, Monica Hughes, Audrey Lanik, Jiaji Li, Saray Martinez

ARCH 510/610 Studio - Copy Right

Students Featured: Hannah Christy and Craig Findlay; DuMaji and Audrey Lanik; Trevor Kirshenmann and Joseph Synek

ARCH 510/610 Studio - FACT 19

Student Team: Ashley Glesinger, Paige Haskett, Jerry Philbin, Andres Villegas; Paid student intern: Ethan Boerner