Thomas Laging Drawing Exhibition

Thomas Laging
Emeritus Professor Thomas Laging, FAIA

The drawings in this exhibit were done by professor Thomas Laging over a period of time from 1990 to 2010 before digital media began to dominate architectural illustration. The collection was prepared as part of a “Zoom 80th Birthday Surprise” that endowed a London Scholarship in Laging’s name.

The exhibit consists of sets of architectural and urban design drawings done in conjunction with three firms with national practices. Auntovich Assoc. of Chicago, Illinois; McGinty Inc, in Boulder, Colorado; and Dan Mullin Architects of Moscow, Idaho.

Most of these drawings were done for small format design presentation booklets that could be reproduced easily on an office copier. A few of the drawings are design process drawings and done on trace with felt tip and colored pencil. The more formal ones are felt tip copied on 90# stock and water colored.

If you are interested in Laging’s artwork, copies of drawings will be provided to donors of the Thomas Laging London Scholarship fund. Minimum donations apply. Contact Cameron Andreesen at to for more information.