New Program Shortens Time and Money Needed for Master’s Degree

New Program Shortens Time and Money Needed for Master’s Degree

By Kerry McCulloug...

March 24, 2021

CRP Program

The time it takes to earn a master’s degree in community and regional planning has just gotten shorter for many UNL Environmental Studies majors. The accelerated degree program between the Master of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) in the College of Architecture and the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies (BSES) in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources was approved by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor. An important educational goal of this accelerated program is to provide an opportunity for highly qualified UNL students who are pursuing the BSES degree to enter and complete an MCRP degree at a faster pace than would normally be possible if the two degrees were to be pursued separately.

This accelerated program will provide students with a more efficient approach to their preparation related to the growth and emerging opportunities for inter- and trans-disciplinary careers and academic activities in community planning areas such as sustainability, the environment and natural resources at local, regional and national scales.

“This new accelerated program is clearly a great benefit to UNL students,” said Katherine Ankerson, the dean of College of Architecture.

The program will reduce both cost and time for those students wishing to earn both a BSES and MCRP degree. The program is intended to better prepare and market students for careers addressing complex environmental issues. This is another great example of the collaborative spirit between the colleges, creating more educational pathways and opportunities for our students.

“This accelerated master’s degree program will provide a formal connection between our undergraduate program and the College of Architecture's graduate program that will benefit students who wish to pursue environmentally focused careers or who may wish to seek other opportunities that the two degrees will afford to them,” said David Gosselin, program director of the Environmental Studies Program.

“We look forward to collaborating with our colleagues in the Environmental Studies program to strengthen ties and develop new ways and opportunities for our students to work together,” said Dr. Zhenghong Tang, program director of the Community and Regional Planning Program.