Rodrigo Cantarero

Rodrigo Cantarero

Rodrigo Cantarero

Associate Professor of Community & Regional Planning

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Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California
M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning, University of Iowa
M.A. in Economics, University of Iowa
B.S. in Urban Planning, Iowa State

At the time of Community and Regional Planning (CRP) Associate Professor Rodrigo Cantarero’s retirement, he dutifully served the college and its community partners for over 31 years starting as an assistant professor in 1989.

As a CRP faculty member, he has led the development and delivery of graduate-level courses focused on quantitative and qualitative methods for professional planning practice—critically important substantive areas for the CRP curriculum. Cantarero also regularly taught a unique course that compared planning challenges and practices in developing countries—a course that expands the students’ awareness of planning issues and approaches around the world.

Cantarero also holds an affiliate professor position with UNL's Latino/Latin American Program and the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families & Schools. His collaborative research has made significant contributions to quality-of-life issues in rural Nebraska communities that have experienced large Latino/Hispanic population increases. Rural minority health has been a strong focal point in Cantarero’s research. His research aimed to identify and address the specific needs of these members of society and promote the general welfare of the population.

During his tenure with the university, he served as CRP program director from 2000-2001 and as a project director of UNL’s Community Outreach Partnership Center, developing a system that would allow Lincoln’s four cultural centers, that serve minority populations, to access web-based information using Geographic Information Systems.

Cantarero’s enthusiasm for serving the community extended to his involvement with various organizations namely as a member, co-founder and director of the Latino Research Initiative, a fellow of the Center for Applied Rural Innovation, a research associate of the Monteverde Institute in Costa Rica and a member of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health.

Areas of Interest

Professor Cantarero's teaching responsibilities include Introduction to Planning, Economic Development Planning, Planning Research Methods, Planning with GIS, and Planning in Developing Countries.