Students stretch their skills and make career connections through hands-on community projects.

We create a more resilient, sustainable and beautiful world through exploration and by reimagining the possibilities. This is how we do big things.

Teacher assisting student with design project

Working with Real Community Partners, Finding Real Solutions

Many of our studios partner and collaborate on real community projects, giving you the experience and confidence to handle complex problems dealing with multiple disciplines.

Creating a Solid Foundation for Grad School

At UNL's College of Architecture, you’ll experience an education that encourages eager minds to dig deeper, assume nothing and challenge everything. We hone our students to be critical thinkers, innovators and leaders grounded in a solid foundation of design theory and innovative research. Combined with hands-on experiences through professional partners and community projects, our students make an impact.

Points of Pride: In the last 3 years, our students have been recognized by 20 national organizations with prestigious accolades and 8 awards for scholarship.

We're here to help you shape your future
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Challenging Everything

We test our skills everyday by asking difficult questions, doing the hard work and exploring research areas not yet charted

Supporting You at Every Turn

With the College of Architecture, you are surrounded by talented, award-winning faculty with worldwide connections and advisors who make your potential their first priority. We are here to support you, but also to urge you to test new boundaries and embrace new challenges.

We're here to help you shape your future
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Connecting Students with Internships that Stretch Their Skills

Our network of professionals and alumni prepare our students for the rigors of real-world problems by immersing them in real-life challenges, looking for real solutions, with real customers.

Getting Involved, Making Connections and Growing as a Professional

A great way to develop your skills and professional connections is by joining one of our student organizations. Throughout the year these student groups offer numerous activities designed to elevate you as a designer and budding professional.