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Student Information

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2023 College of Architecture Internship / Career Fair. This event is an excellent opportunity to bring multiple students and potential employers together. Participating students are expected to treat this event in a serious and professional manner. This means a well-designed portfolio, properly formatted resume, and thorough research into the firms with whom you will interview.

This event is intended for 3rd and 4th year undergraduate architecture students and Master of Architecture students, 3rd and 4th year Interior Design students, and 3rd and 4th year Landscape Architecture students, and Community and Regional Planning students. Participation in this Internship/Career Fair event is not limited to students who will enroll in an internship course.

Whether this is your first Internship / Career Fair or your third, this link contains excellent advice for developing your professional reputation, and effectively presenting yourself. 

Digital Materials:

  • Design portfolio: This document should show your work to date through academic, professional, and/or personal creative activity. Format the document for both online viewing as well as printing. Your look book spread (explained below) can contain a link to the online version of your portfolio, and you should bring a physical copy of your portfolio for in person interviews during the career fair.
  • CV/resume: This document should explain your experience, skills, and professional focus. Information about formatting this document will be covered in your internship course or through prep sessions hosted by student organizations in the College.
  • 2-page spread for the look book: (Submissions due January 16, 2023) The look book will be sent out to employers who are registered for the career fair. This document will contain spreads for all students who wish to be included. The 2-page spread will allow you to shown an example of your work as well as a link to your online portfolio. A template must be used to be included, and can be found here.


To participate in this year’s career fair, you will need to submit the 2-page look book spread as a pdf to Brian Kelly (bkelly2@unl.edu) by January 16, 2023 in the correct format using the template provided.

Internship and Career Fair (February 23-24, 2022)

We have dedicated February 23-24, 2023, as a time when your class schedules will be more flexible to allow for interviews. It will be your responsibility to confirm attendance policies with your course instructors, but we have asked them to allow for flexibility if possible.

Career Fair Prep Sessions

1/5, Portfolio “design” layout (zoom) AIAS (maximum of 3/4 professionals) Click here to view.

1/10 CV/ Resume (zoom) NOMA (maximum of 3/4 professionals) Click here to view.

1/17, Soft skills + Interview skills (zoom) APX (maximum of 3/4 professionals) Click here to view.

1/26, Portfolio “Design” (zoom) TSD (10-15 professionals) Click here to view.


Interview Advice

Please keep in mind that your participation in the College of Architecture Internship / Career Fair comes with the responsibilities of showing up to your scheduled interviews, being well-prepared, and conducting yourself in a professional manor. A no-show reflects badly on you, and the college. If you do not show up, please realize that you have taken an opportunity from both your colleagues and the attending firm to use your interview appointment time.