Concrete Atla(nti)s

Craig Findlay
Hannah Christy

ARCH 610 / Fall 2019

Representing our capacity to maintain archaic infrastructure in an overwhelming environment overflowing with waste, occupied by a population complacent to unrest, this project is as complex as the topics it alludes to. It is set in one of the 72 decommissioned Atlas-F missile silos scattered across the United States. This project critiques the haphazard mismanagement of reusable commodities of varying scales ranging from abandoned infrastructure to recyclable materials. Through the convention of a section, this drawing shows the activities in the depth of the repurposed missile silo. Figures sourced from The Age of Enlightenment depict radicals productively recycling materials into a built environment erected towards the sky. Facilitated by the Cold War era framework, the occupants build upon their neighbor’s successes allowing an innate desire for vertical growth to materialize.

Award Winning Design: Architizer’s One Drawing Challenge 2020 Student Grand Prize Winner