Activating the Creative Class in Rural Communities

Morgan Novacek

IDES / Spring 2018

Project: Activating the Creative Class in Rural Communities. Spring 2018 Student: Morgan Novacek Instructor: Erin Miller Food is the most important cultural manifestation; we all have to eat. The philosophy and journey of food from growth to consumption, from place and in cycle, is in need of dominance in the value it portrays in human lives and in our culture. Food deserts and food waste are becoming far too common, therefore signifying edible, available and healthy ecologies is a vital step in the future of healthy food in rural areas. The intention of this project is to create a stand-alone restaurant in Nebraska’s Sandhills; a culinary-rich experience deeply rooted in Midwest agriculture and exposing guests to an experience of non-traditional ecologies created by academic chef’s through their gastronomic artistry.