Center for Architectural Volumes

Luryn Hendrickson

ARCH 210 / Fall 2020

For the Arch210’s final studio project, “Center for Architectural Volumes,” students were asked to build upon previous work to create a space in Downtown Lincoln that could exhibit famous architectural volumes. In the first few weeks of the semester, students studied voids within their everyday surroundings and created abstract volumes, free of program and scale. From there, they made physical models of these volumes, which became the inspiration for crafting unique interior spaces for their final project. They were asked to draw directly from past work to create spaces that met the project’s programmatic requirements of curation, exhibition, research, model-building, and community engagement. From these requirements, Luryn Hendrickson designed an exhibition space, auditorium, public workshop area, architecture library and a repair workshop. This project allowed Hendrickson to experiment with flexible design, collaboration spaces, materiality, and graphic representation.