Economy Obsolete

Ashley Byars

ARCH 613-614, 2009-2010

This Design Thesis examines two central questions: how to develop the architectural use of an aircraft fuselage and how to utilize this element on a variety of different scales. While examples in the past have exploited the re-use of the fuselage on a scale of novelty and aesthetic form, this thesis aims to demonstrate that the fuselage can become part of an economically viable housing. This project examines both the tectonic opportunities of designing with a prefabricated aircraft fuselage and its application to dwelling units of varying scale. The inherent tectonic and structural advantage of the fuselage, combined with the abundance of large abandoned airfield sites across the nat ion and the availability of over 12,000 obsolete aircraft, this thesis project will serve as a case study for how to redevelop obsolete economies into efficient and viable design solutions. 2010 Cunningham Medal Winner.