FACT 07 - Bemis InfoShop


ARCH 518, Spring 2010

FACT (Fabrication And Construction Team, a student design-build workshop), in collaboration with Min | Day, has designed multiple projects for the Bemis Center, an artist-in-residence program and contemporary art gallery in Omaha, NE.  The Bemis InfoShop focuses attention on ideas and issues brought up by gallery programs, artists and patrons by providing a social platform for spontaneous meetings, dialog and debate. Designed for flexibility, the InfoShop is anchored by a 24'-long faceted reception desk that transforms into a bar for evening events. The walls are clad with custom, CNC-milled panels derived from a pinwheel aperiodic tiling pattern suggesting precision, complexity and playfulness. Working from Min | Day's design, FACT students developed digital models, prototyped components, programmed fabrication code while working in partnership with inmates at a medium-security state prison.