Tara Meador

ARCH 511, Spring 2012

The studio allows students to specialize in the comprehensive exploration and conjectural thesis of a specific building type for the duration of a semester. Though multiple programs are addressed, the pursuit of genotypic ëprototypesí (as opposed to specific phenotypes) binds the collective aim of the studio. The first half of the studio focused on the production of a book which documented the normative variables and ëparametricí range of different building types. This particular project explored the parameters which form medium to large box stores. The specific design proposal was for an urban Target in Lincoln, NE. The economical and machine-like quality of mixed programs, repetitive structural bays, and minimal material systems come together in a simple yet elegant warehouse of space for retail, parking, and a robust service area. The project offers a prototype for the development of future half-blocks, with an active urban edge along three sides and a covered alley for service and parking access.