The Cloud House

Hannah Schafers

ARCH 511 / Spring 2019

Children occupying space in uncommon ways; attempting to inhabit a space which is atmospherically, tangibly and materialistically different than the everyday norm, a want to occupy the whimsical. The Cloud House investigates the relationship of the mundane and the whimsical in domestic architecture; the reimagined type of domesticity explores a sensual and experience based approach to create an atmospheric, unique space. The mundane grounds the typical housing program, and the whimsical acts programmatically as a retreat, allowing family members an escape from their busy lives.

The mundane is grounded in wood contrasting the white panel of the whimsical. Circulating up, the user occupies the outer skin; blurring the line of exteriority. The threshold immerses one into the prairie through glass on all surfaces. The second section becomes soft and dream like. The skin wraps itself inside and down to the ground of the mundane, creating a light scoop for below. The relationship between the two becomes punctured and users in the mundane can see glimpses of activity in the above space. The living room is sunk to emphasize the concreteness of the mundane and creates tension between the light escape above. The study sits in the center, making it the only place where users can occupy the datum line of the relationship. Opportunity to crawl up and over allows occupancy in space that lends itself to precariousness. In the final section, the whimsical aims to capture a sense of conformability the bedroom program often invokes. Finally, the user occupies space only accessible from the whimsical and opens a view over the countryside. The architecture releases from the landscape to heighten feelings of flotation and dominance.

Honorable Mention- HERE+NOW: A House for the 21st Century Student Design Competition
SARA National Merit Award