NEw Attainable House


FACT 24, ARCH 510 FALL 2022

FACT partnered with History Nebraska and 6 community development organizations to design and promote new approaches to the affordable home for communities in Nebraska. The project is inspired by Evicted, a traveling exhibition highlighting the eviction crisis across America. To accompany the national narrative, Nebraska’s Housing Stories was created to highlight statewide, historic housing issues that often become less visible factors contributing to the eviction crisis. NEw Attainable House joins this locally produced exhibition to propose Nebraska-based design solutions to the housing crisis.

6 FACT teams (each including students in the Community & Regional Planning Graduate Planning Studio led by Prof. Frank Ordia) worked with one of our project partners to design a prototype house, a house for a specific site, or a complex of dwellings for locations in Omaha and Lincoln. The projects fit the mission of the partner organization and the needs to a specific neighborhood community. The work was featured in a major exhibition of planning research, architectural models and design images at the Nebraska History Museum that ran throughout 2021.

See for more information and links to individual project pages. A printed catalog published by Actual FACT Books is available at

FACT Fall 2020 studio:

Pedro Aguerro, Weston Hanisch, Dana Howerter, Rebecca Kalhorn, Sawyer Kuhl, Quinn McFadden, Nate Meier, Noah Schacher, Jamie Schacher, Emily Tetschner, Josh Weinand, Maddie Whitted

Fall 2020 Planning Studio:

Professor Frank Ordia, Anna Headlee, Vadelynn Ndembet, Megan Patent-Nygren, Roland Schwichtenberg, Mohammed Gibriel

interns and phase 2 students: Ethan Boerner, Will Cox