Master of Architecture (2-Year) Application

Masters of Architecture (2-Year) Application

The STEM designated, 2-year Master of Architecture (M.Arch) graduate program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is nationally accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB). After completing the 58 credit hour program, students will be able to work towards becoming a licensed architect. The Architecture Program at UNL is known for combining technological, disciplinary and computational innovation with a focus on the everyday demands on the profession. Our students deploy advanced design experimentation in the service of the community and play a vital role in the international discussion on infrastructure, urban economic, sustainability, the health of communities, and the future of our cities and towns.

Please note that the professional degree program is only available to those applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in architectural studies (non professional degree). If you do not hold an undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies, please visit our 3-year program webpage. If you already hold a professional degree in architecture, your application will not be considered for this program. 

Internal Applicants:

Master of Architecture Deadline: February 1

Current UNL architecture students will need to complete the application form on the Graduate Studies website at:


External Applicants:

Master of Architecture Deadline: February 1. Fee (USD): $50.00
Completed application material must be received by the College of Architecture by the deadline. The College of Architecture has established specific requirements that must be met by all applicants. Students who apply should be certain that they have furnished all required documentation.


Program Basics:
Application Deadlines

Students must apply for admission by February 1st

Application Process and Requirements

Application for admission to the M.Arch program is initiated by submitting an online application form that is accessible in the “Admissions” section of the UNL Graduate Studies website. The online application form requests specific information about you and also includes instructions for submitting the following:

  • $50 application fee
  • Personal statement commenting on your learning goals and your professional aspirations
  • Résumé
  • Portfolio - Please attach a multi-page PDF portfolio (20mb max) of personal design work. You have the option of additionally attaching, along with the portfolio, one of the following: -- Image (up to 10MB each) -- Video (up to 500MB each) -- 3D Model (embedded) -- Document (20MB each)
  • Names and email addresses of three persons who will be asked to submit letters of recommendation digitally
  • One copy of all college/university official transcripts
  • (GRE scores are not required)

For international students: minimum test scores documenting English language proficiency are noted on the UNL Graduate Studies website at English proficiency scores


Once a student applies to the M.Arch degree, they are automatically considered for any scholarship, TA position, fellowship, etc available from the College of Architecture. Funding is distributed by faculty using your application materials. Additional resources on funding can be found on UNL’s Graduate Studies.

Contact Info

College of Architecture
210 Architecture Hall
Lincoln NE 68588-0106
( On-campus, 2-4065 )