Master of Architecture (2 and 3 Year)

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The Architecture Program at UNL is known for combining technological, disciplinary and computational innovation with a focus on the everyday demands on the profession. We deploy advanced design experimentation in the service of the community.

Meet Phuong - 3-Year Master of Architecture Student:

Master in Architecture (2-Year)

The 2-year M.Arch professional program is the accredited degree by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) designed for applicants who do not already hold a professional degree in Architecture. Applicants who hold a professional degree in Architecture are welcome to explore the M.S. Arch, M.S. Arch ID, and M.CRP Masters programs. Admitted 2-year M.Arch students begin in the fall term.

Two completion tracks are offered for students to select from: a two year vertical Design Research Studio sequence or a combination of Design Research Studios with a two semester Design Thesis in the final year.

Prerequisite: All applicants must hold a bachelor of science degree in Architecture or its equivalent from a NAAB accredited institution.

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Master in Architecture (3-Year)

Designed for those students wishing to pursue a masters degree in architecture after having received a bachelors degree in another field. Also accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB), students graduating from this program are able to work towards becoming a licensed architect.

The curriculum integrates Design Research Studios, professional electives, and lecture based courses. Students can select one of the following completion tracks: a sequence of Design Research Studios or a two semester Design Thesis. Depending on the student’s background, courses may be added and/ or deleted from the basic program curriculum as determined by an individual review of the student’s past and subsequent academic progress.

Prerequisite: All students must hold a bachelors degree in any field and have completed a college level calculus course (3 credits) prior to beginning coursework.

Download the program flowchart.

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