Master of Community and Regional Planning Application

Master of Community and Regional Planning Application

The Master of Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) graduate program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is nationally accredited by the Planning Accreditation Board. After completing 48 credit hour program, students will be prepared to enter fields such as: urban planning, regional planning, town planning, community planning, urban design, community development, economic planning, housing planning, hazard mitigation planning, environmental planning, health planning, transportation planning, etc. The MCRP degree provides an excellent bridge from your undergraduate study to a professional career in which you can positively influence your community. If you have a bachelor’s degree in any one of a broad spectrum of majors—the arts, social sciences, physical sciences, natural resources, geography, engineering, humanities, business, agriculture, education, public administration, and others, you are encouraged to apply for admission to the Master of Community and Regional Planning degree program.

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Program Basics

- In person classes (this degree is not available online)

- 48 credit hours

- Core Curriculum

- Tuition Costs

Application Deadlines

Applications are accepted for admission to the Master of Community and Regional Planning degree program on a rolling, continuing basis. Students may be accepted for admission in the fall, spring, or summer sessions. For priority consideration for financial assistance, applicants are urged to submit completed applications by March 1 for fall semester admission and November 1 for spring semester admission.

Application Process and Requirements

Application for admission to the MCRP degree program is initiated by submitting an online application form that is accessible in the “Admissions” section of the UNL Graduate Studies website. The online application form requests specific information about you and also includes instructions for submitting the following:

  • $50 application fee
  • Personal statement
  • Résumé
  • Names and email addresses of three persons who will be asked to submit letters of recommendation digitally
  • One copy of all college/university official transcripts
  • (GRE scores are not required)
  • For international students: minimum test scores documenting English language proficiency are noted on the UNL Graduate Studies website at English proficiency scores

Soon after all required materials have been submitted online to the Office of Graduate Studies, the MCRP Faculty Admissions Committee reviews the completed application. The recommendation of the Faculty Admissions Committee is forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies, where final action is taken on the application. The Office of Graduate Studies then notifies applicants of their admission status.


Once a student applies to the Masters of Community and Regional Planning degree, they are automatically considered for any scholarship, TA position, fellowship, etc available from the College of Architecture. Funding is distributed by faculty using your application materials. Additional resources on funding can be found on UNL’s Graduate Studies Applying for Scholarships and Awards webpage.


For more information or to schedule a meeting with a faculty member, please contact  Mack Krantz.

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