Design Health is a design-research initiative and interdisciplinary focus area within the College of Architecture. It comprises a collection of professional studio experiences, research courses and electives focusing on the interrelationship between the built environment and health.

Through collaborations with various colleges and professional practices, Design Health confronts pertinent issues and conducts research in order to address stewardship, public health, and projective models for healthcare environments. One of the few programs of its kind, a Master of Architecture, BSD in Interior Design or Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree can be informed by collaborations with Public Health, Planning, Building Science, and other collateral areas of study. As a studio led experience, graduates will enter their professional careers with critical knowledge and specialization, creating value and relevancy within design professions.

Past studios have explored a variety of healthcare facilities from large hospitals to small clinics in the Great Plains region as well as healthcare environments in the developing world.

Founded by Emeritus Dean R. Wayne Drummond, Design Health now involves faculty and students from Architecture and Interior Design. Professionals from diverse backgrounds have joined the studio from time to time to lend expertise and engage in the dialog. The College would like to make a special acknowledgment of the support of HDR-Architecture. HDR has generously supported the initiative from its beginning by sharing expertise, time and funding the Haymarket Healthcare Studio space.