Mark Hoistad

Mark Hoistad

Mark Hoistad

Professor of Architecture & Director of Landscape Architecture Program

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B.S. Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
M. Architecture, University of Houston

Involved in professional practice since 1977, Hoistad has had the opportunity to design projects on five continents. This work has ranged in scale from urban design projects in the United States, African and Asia, through a collection of building types including commercial, residential and institutional projects, down to the intimate scale of liturgical furniture and decorative arts objects. This work has been published in professional journals and received design awards. Over the last several years, Hoistad has held various administrative positions during which he has founded a new Landscape Architecture Program, established several interdisciplinary connections across the University, and developed a semester long study program in China. It is this connection to China that has claimed his attention in recent years, where he has engaged in both teaching and professional practice activity.

Areas of Interest

Hoistad considers himself to be an intellectual vagabond rather than a specialist. The common thread that runs through his wandering spirit is an interest in the pursuit of reality in its poetic sense found most often in the space between. Shunning utopia as a nightmare, he is tenaciously looking for the beauty of imperfection. Following his tendencies toward a broad inquiry, he focused in the last several years on solutions to acknowledging the importance of cultural landscapes in urban design projects in China.

Areas of Research

Hoistad has done years of work with Sustainable Urbanism research. His Sustainable Urbanism Research Studios focus on the sustainable urban condition and what their design models concepts might yield in real site situations in China. Check it out!

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