FACT 11 - Bemis Gardens


ARCH 518, Summer 2011

FACT (Fabrication And Construction Team, a student design-build workshop), in collaboration with Min | Day, has designed multiple projects for the Bemis Center, an artist-in-residence program and contemporary art gallery in Omaha, Neb. Bemis Gardens functions as an outdoor garden for the Bemis Center and the public. The project emerged from an exhibition and design laboratory organized to solicit input from artists, professionals, FACT students, and the public. The event also served as a forum for speculation on the urban future of the contemporary art center and its relationship with downtown Omaha. After each weekly public charrette, FACT students developed design proposals and presented the work at the next public forum. After 12 weeks, FACT built the garden in collaboration with local artists. Materials include recycled steel, salvaged brick, crushed recycled brick, and native plants. www.factlab.org