Towards New Urban Frontage: A Multi-Scalar Investigation


LARC 310 / Fall 2019

Landscape architecture has always been fundamental in defining the urban spaces and places. More recently, the incredible successes of projects such as the High Line in New York City, the ChonGae Canal and the like, have enabled landscape architecture to prove itself as a key driver in urban economic, ecological and social advances, especially under the context of urban reinvigoration and renewal. Under a thesis of “new frontage”, the studio asks students to explore how landscape architecture can play a central role in today’s urban movement as an interface that facilitates and energizes interactions and ties together various urban systems. The multi-scalar exploration unfolds to three progressive levels, that of urban framework, street networks and public spaces, corresponding to planning work at the beginning that leads to streetscape design and finally the design of open spaces. Operating in an interesting local neighborhood that is highly focused on art and identity have provided students with a good base for debating important issues on space design but also their social and ecological implications.

Instructor: Yujia Wang

Students: Aus Perez, Caitlin Smith, Ibrahim Al Kharusi, Jessica Schafer, Kate Boren, Madeline McGill, Nabhan Al Hajri, Rashid Al Musalhi