Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture combines art and environmental sciences. Landscape architects design exterior spaces and places. Those less familiar with landscape architecture tend to think of the profession in relatively basic terms, involving plantings around a building or in a park, for example. The reality is quite different; the profession is much broader, richer, and far-reaching.

4-Year Plan for Degree Completion

Meet Laura - Landscape Architecture Student:

Landscape architects design at many scales, ranging from a tiny roof deck terrace to thousand of acres of National Forest lands; from the private realm of corporate office courtyard to the public realm of a neighborhood park or community plan; from the specialized creation of a healing garden at a hospital to a customized rehabilitation of a native wetlands. The numerous project types, practice types, along with the professional possibilities available to someone with a background in landscape architecture is almost unlimited.

The Landscape Architecture Program is fully accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board and is the only four-year accredited program in a four-state region. This program also offers the only collaborative interdisciplinary approach with the allied disciplines of architecture, interior design and planning.

The four-year undergraduate program consists of a common first year of courses shared by students in architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture. This year is followed by two years where students develop discipline-based knowledge and skills focused on site and building, community planning and design, and urban environments. The final year allows for collaborative work with students in architecture, interior design, and planning in research-based studios. Students participate in exploring a broad range of design problems in the studios where they develop design solutions that are presented to practicing professionals and for some projects, actual clients or partners. Students participate in a myriad of opportunities to support learning in the profession including professional electives, seminars, minors, lecture series, and study abroad. Learning about the profession continues in the required internship program where students work in professional design firms for academic credit. The Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree requires 120-semester credit hours of coursework.

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