Amazon Prime Park


LARC 411 / Spring 2019

The scenario for this studio explores the following possibility, what if Amazon decided to locate its ‘HQ2’ in Lincoln.  The company has received lots of criticism about driving up residential costs, putting large burdens on host cities for infrastructure costs. There is a growing sentiment that Amazon should be required to solve many preexisting urban problems for the ‘privilege’ of locating in their city.  In response they have decided they can use the development of their new headquarters as an example for how the new sustainable city can emerge not out of a pin prick of urban acupuncture, but rather the interjection of a new paradigm shift in urban living.  Their intention is to create a self-sustaining community within the community, where they will build enough housing inside the city to accommodate the proposed population associated with the initiative and design it to have a minimal  impact on the existing city by meeting the new developments energy and water needs in side their site(s) along with addressing its waste.  In addition in return for reducing the parking requirements in their sites by half and foregoing any major road improvements, Amazon will make a major contribution to the creation of a mass transit line through the development corridor.  Students developed an urban design master plan and then as individuals developed parts of the plan.

Students: Nathan Holst, Chandler Nohr, Moqi Yao, Jarratt Austin